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What to do in every season

Around the guesthouse you can practice activities and sports in every season to feel active and to get acquainted with a land rich in history, culture and natural beauty. The lands of the upper valley of Chisone river and the high valley of Susa are both rich in history and culture. Just think of the Fenestrelle Fortress, the Exilles Fot, Briancon with the citadel of Vauban, val Troncea and the Gran Bosco of Salbertrand parks, the Assietta trail and Mount Chaberton, called “the fort in the clouds”.

Tourist attractions

  • Fenestrelle Fortress: Designed in 1727 as a large wall surrounded by several fortifications, it was built at the barrier of Val Chisone as a rampart against foreign invaders. The fortress is made of three fortified blocks, San Carlo, the Three Teeth and the Valleys, joined by an internal tunnel, which runs along the longest staircase in Europe with over 4000 steps. Read more
  • Pragelato Costume Museum of Traditions and Alpine People: located in a delightful building dated over a century ago, it shows artefacts and objects full of charm of the past. It also hosts the research center for Pragelato cultural identity To know more
  • Solar Clock Documentation Center: It hosts over 40 solar clocks and it shows history of time measurement. To know more on visits and labs.
  • Tinber Art Gallery: designed for contemporary art exhibitions by painters, sculptors and photographers, it is located in an an eighteenth-century stable in Pragelato
  • Saint Restituto Church: dated in the XII century, this small and charming church is located just ourside the village of Sauze di Cesana, at the crossroads of Briancon, Susa valley and Chisone valley.
  • Briancon: 40 km away from the guesthouse, the French town of Briancon in the Middle Ages was the capital of the republic of Escarton. Now, it is a real artwork and, with its Vauban fortifications, it has been named UNESCO World Heritage.

Alpine ski

The international Vialattea (Milky Way) ski area, that hosted the Winter Olympics in 2006, is only 4 km away from the guesthouse. It’s a paradise for alpine ski lovers with ski slopes stretching from Italy up to Montgenévre in France. You will be able to ski in Pragelato, Sestriere, Sansicario, Sauze d’Oulx, Cesana, Claviere and Montgenévre always wearing your skis. You will enjoy sunny slopes and breathtaking views , so you will be able to ski with no limits (i.e. “sciare senza confini”)

Cross country ski and snowshoes

The cross-country skiing track that hosted the Turin 2006 Winter Olympics is only 3 km away. It is the track of Pragelato Plan, where the Italian champion Giorgio Di Centa won the gold medal in the 50 km competition. This track has two different routes: the 10.6 km Olympic track and the 18.8 km recreational track that spans over the bottom part of Troncea valley. The Sestriere cross-country track is only 4 km away. Here you can find with two rings: the 2.3 km track named Fox Trail and the 3.3 km track named Marmot Trail. Around the guesthouse you can also find several trails ideal for any level of snowshoeing.


The town of Pragelato is known for its panoramic views and great hiking opportunities in Val Troncea Park.
Right at the guesthouse you can start hiking towards Val Troncea, Sestriere or the village of Chezal which is connected to other 18 small villages in the area.
In Val Troncea Park you will find the fabulous world of alpine flowers that well deserved the place the name of “valley of flowers”.
Wildlife is also of great interest: mountain goats, deers, wolves, steinbocks, foxes, marmots, and sixty species of birds, including real eagle and the rare owl. Beth Mines and the House of Escartons are worth a visit.
Above 3000 m. you will be able to hike on Mount Albergian (m. 3041), Mount Rognosa (m. 3280), Mount Chaberton (m 3130).
Argentera and Thures valleys with their numerous alpine lakes are a must for hikers and mountain lovers.


Bikers will find many trails through the upper Chisone valley and the upper Susa valley, both rich in white roads. For bicycle enthusiasts, the guesthouse has a garage with a small equipped workshop. It is also possible to rent mountain bikes and ebike and to be accompanied by a certified guide.

Adventure and climbing

If you like adventure, do not miss the Cesana’s rope bridge, the world’s longest, locates in the gorges of S. Gervasio. In the area, you will also find many well-equipped trails and the famous via ferrata of Rocca Clarì. In Cesana, just a few minutes away, you will find the Chaberton Adventure Park. Horse-riding enthusiasts will find riding rinks in Pragelato and in Sauze di Cesana riding rinks.


In the area, motorbikers will find a large number of high altitude trails, over 800 km of dirt roads connecting the two valleys of Chisone and Susa, and the routes of the French valleys of Brianconnaise and Maurienne.
You cannot miss the road of the Colle delle Finestre and the panoramic road of Assietta. Motorbikers staying at the guesthouse can use our garage and our small workshop (see alps motorcycle tours).


Within 20 km from the guesthouse there are three golf courses. The closest and most recent one is the 9-hole Pragelato Golf Club. The highest in Europe is the 18-hole Sestriere Golf Club and, just a little further, there is the 9-hole Claviere Golf Club, dating back to 1923.


Several off-road trails are a great opportunity for runners to practice at high altitude. Sestriere is the preferred destination of athletes from all over the world, who year after year return to the resort in preparation for important appointments. From the athletics track to the famous Brugnetti and Borders trails, enthusiasts can run on more or less demanding routes, always enjoying breath-taking views.

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